Web Browsers

87 PC software downloads for Windows

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  • Midori Portable 1.1.4

    Midori Portable Icon
    Internet browser program: Portable version of a fast web browsing featuring several privacy and ad-blocking options.
  • Colibri Browser 1.21.1

    Colibri Browser Icon
    Web browser app: Zippy web browser that does away with tabs, focuses on privacy and removes some of the clutter common on other web browsers.
  • Avant Browser 2020 build 3

    Avant Browser Icon
    Web browser app: Fast Internet Explorer-based web browsing adding multi-processor support using a low amount of memory that features a video downloader, anti-freeze and private browsing.
  • Rambox 0.7.7

    Rambox Icon
    Messaging software: Browser that allows you to manage web applications and services.
  • UltraSurf 19.02

    UltraSurf Icon
    Secure navigation software: Ultrasurf is a secure Internet connection tool which creates proxy connections automatically or manually for anonymous web browsing.
  • 7 Star Browser

    7 Star Browser Icon
    Internet browser app: A Chromium-based web browser which supports multiple cores and synchronization with a Google account.
  • AOL Shield 79.0.3945.3

    AOL Shield Icon
    Security browser app: Chromium-based web browser from America Online which provides a number of security and privacy features.
  • SlimBoat 1.1.53

    SlimBoat Icon
    Form filer software: An alternative browser based on Webkit offering ad blocking, security features and more.
  • Flock 2.6.1

    Flock Icon
    Chat client app: An old, but still highly-praised web browser based on Firefox 3.
  • Firefox 5 5.0.1

    Firefox 5 Icon
    Legacy version of Firefox before Mozilla started a rapid release schedule.
  • Firefox Legacy 3.6.8

    Firefox Legacy Icon
    Desktop enhancement app: An excellent web browser before Mozilla moved to rapid releases.
  • CometBird 11.0

    CometBird Icon
    Internet browser app: A fast, secure and powerful web browser based on Firefox.
  • Slim Browser

    Slim Browser Icon
    Internet browser software: Chromium-based web browser with bookmarking, user translations, spellcheck, private browsing and built-in ad-blocker.
  • ZenBrowser 15.0.7

    ZenBrowser Icon
    Web browser software: A fast web browser that includes security features like ad-blocking, quick WhatsApp access and Coin Mining prevention.
  • MxNitro

    MxNitro Icon
    Web browser program: A basic web browser that has a focus on simplicity and speed without many complicated settings.