Drive Utilities

49 PC software downloads for Windows

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  • SSD Tweaker 4.0.1

    SSD Tweaker Icon
    SSD tweaker software: Performs some (very) common tasks purportedly to boost your SSD drive and improve its performance.
  • Tweak-SSD 2.0.70

    Tweak-SSD Icon
    SSD tweaking software: Provides performance enhancements to solid state drives in Windows.
  • HDD Guardian 0.7.1

    HDD Guardian Icon
    HDD information app: A front-end to the smartctl tool included with Windows.
  • HP 3D DriveGuard

    HP 3D DriveGuard Icon
    HDD protection app: Useful utility for HP PCs which adds protection against potential data loss by physical shocks to the installed hard drive.
  • CheckDisk 1.6

    CheckDisk Icon
    Disk scanner app: HDD tool for searching and repairing disk errors.
  • HDD Scan

    HDD Scan Icon
    HDD diagnostics app: Tests storage device for errors and show S.M.A.R.T. attributes.
  • DriveInfo 5.0.1

    DriveInfo Icon
    Displays drive-related information and others on your desktop.
  • Clear Disk Info

    Clear Disk Info Icon
    Disk management app: Drive diagnosis utility with basic information about the selected disk.
  • SSD Utility 4.0.0012

    SSD Utility Icon
    SSD management software: Tool for tuning and monitoring TOSHIBA OCZ solid state drives with alerts, booting tool and system status updates.
  • HDDExpert

    HDDExpert Icon
    HDD analyzer app: Displays S.M.A.R.T. attributes of your installed hard disk drives.
  • CloneSpy 3.43

    CloneSpy Icon
    Duplicate remover app: A free duplicate cleanup tool for Window systems.
  • CheckDrive 2022.4

    CheckDrive Icon
    Drive scanner app: Check your hard disks for errors and correct them. Easy to use, fast and free.
  • Intel SSD Data Center Tool 3.0.27

    Intel SSD Data Center Tool Icon
    Solid-state drive management program: Command line utility for performance maintenance on Intel SSD drives including firmware updates and partition management.
  • Prevent Disk Sleep 4.3

    Prevent Disk Sleep Icon
    HDD idle prevention program: Prevent hard disks from automatically entering sleep mode.
  • Drive-Thru 2016.7

    Drive-Thru Icon
    Hard disk monitoring app: A variety of hard drive and disk management and protection tools.