Delete Duplicates Software

17 PC software downloads

Sven Sorensen

“A list of software titles which can delete duplicate files”

A listing of downloads compiled by Sven Sørensen

A lot of the time, your hard drive can eventually become fully cluttered by files which reside in two different places. This can happen not only in places like the Firefox cache or Windows Temporary Internet Files, but also when you download files from two different locations or when installation of software doesn't delete the files it needed to install software.

With this handy applications, you can quickly and easily find files which are duplicates and after scanning is done, delete the files of your choice. In many cases, you can sort the duplicate files by name, date modified or actual filesize.

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  • CloneSensor 3.0

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    Find / delete duplicate files and organize your collections better
    CloneSensor is software which can delete duplicate files.