Desktop Enhancement Software

96 PC software downloads for Windows

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  • CareUEyes

    CareUEyes Icon
    Break reminder app: Software which can adjust the color temperature of the monitor as well as setting timers to prevent straining of the eyes and overall fatigue.
  • Rohos Logon Key 4.6

    Rohos Logon Key Icon
    Software solution that makes it possible to easily lock a PC and unlock it using a USB memory key.
  • Aura 2.8.9d.208

    Aura Icon
    Sound player app: Plays soothing nature sounds in the background with a number of customization options for calm meditation.
  • SideSlide 4.79

    SideSlide Icon
    Desktop launcher software: An advanced desktop extension with a multitude of useful features.
  • Rainmeter

    Rainmeter Icon
    Performance measurement software: Highly customizable desktop customization software.
  • nSpaces 1.3

    nSpaces Icon
    Multiple desktop program: Turns your desktop into a multiple desktop environment with password protection and theme customization.
  • IconPackager 10.03

    IconPackager Icon
    Icons customizer program: Apply alternative icons to Windows with options to change color, modify, beautify and generally overhaul the look of the icons used all over your PC.
  • CinemaDrape

    CinemaDrape Icon
    Screen dimming app: Desktop enhancement that helps increase productivity and focus by dimming areas of the screen while keeping selected area bright.
  • Krento

    Krento Icon
    Launcher program: Modern desktop replacement and organizer that adds visual enhancements, a launcher and different themes.
  • Circle Dock 0.92 Alpha

    Circle Dock Icon
    Launcher app: Intuitive and unique Windows launcher that organizes and managements desktop shortcuts in a different way.
  • T3Desk 15.06

    T3Desk Icon
    Management software: T3Desk lets you manage your applications more easily in a 3D desktop.
  • Dexpot

    Dexpot Icon
    Desktop changer app: Add support for virtual desktops in your Windows environment with the option to move windows and tasks between different desktops.
  • Hide Window Hotkey 4.0

    Hide Window Hotkey Icon
    Hider app: Hotkey-powered tool which can change the visibility and transparency of windows for a cleaner-looking desktop with less clutter.
  • StrokesPlus

    StrokesPlus Icon
    Mouse action software: StrokesPlus is a lightweight mouse gesture recognition program for Windows.
  • Sib Cursor Editor 3.17

    Sib Cursor Editor Icon
    Cursor editor software: A simple cursor editor and converter for ICO, ANI and CUR files.
  • 3DTop 1.5.0

    3DTop Icon
    Adds a three-dimensional user interface to your desktop.
  • Multiplicity 3.44

    Multiplicity Icon
    Computer controller program: Application that can control multiple computers with a single mouse and keyboard with clipboard access, file sharing and hotkeys.
  • Taskbar Eliminator 3.0

    Taskbar Eliminator Icon
    Taskbar eliminator software: Small utility which can automatically hide the Windows taskbar.
  • TidyTabs 1.17.3

    TidyTabs Icon
    Group software: Add tabs to virtually any application in Windows applications.