Data Encryption Software

47 PC software downloads for Windows

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  • FinalCrypt 6.7.4

    FinalCrypt Icon
    File encryptor app: Easy drag and drop encryption software that can select multiple files and encrypted them, requiring a master password for decryption later.
  • gpg4win 3.1.15

    gpg4win Icon
    E-mail security app: Encrypts files, folders and email with digital signatures.
  • dsCrypt 1.10

    dsCrypt Icon
    Data encryptor app: File encryption with AES and drag-and-drop file support.
  • Rohos Mini Drive 3.0

    Rohos Mini Drive Icon
    USB drive encryptor software: Software that can create encrypted partitions on a hard drive.
  • Karen's Hasher 2.3.1

    Karen's Hasher Icon
    Hash generator program: Small freeware app to compute and verify the SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512 and MS5 hashes of a file or a text string.

    Checksum generator app: A file hashing program supporting MD5 and SH1.
  • Wise Folder Hider 4.28.188

    Wise Folder Hider Icon
    Folder hider software: Hide files and folders on an hard drive with drag-and-drop support and password protection of sensitive data.
  • Viivo 3.0.103

    Viivo Icon
    Dropbox encryption software: Provides AES file encryption for your Dropbox files and folders before they're sent over an unsecured connection.
  • WinAFV32 3.0.130

    WinAFV32 Icon
    File verification software: CRC and MD5 checksum creation utility.
  • Eclipse 0.24

    Eclipse Icon
    Integrated development environment app: Encrypt emails and any text in place.
  • The Padlock 4.2.2

    The Padlock Icon
    Folder locker software: Protect your files and folders with drag-and-drop support.
  • BitCrypt9 1.2

    BitCrypt9 Icon
    A secure and high-encryption file protection utility.
  • DriveCrypt 5.5

    DriveCrypt Icon
    Drive encryptor app: 1344 Bit, Military strong, transparent real time Hard Disk encryption.
  • PixelCryptor 1.3

    PixelCryptor Icon
    Image encoder program: Encrypt and decrypt your files and folders using an image.
  • SecretFolder 6.4

    SecretFolder Icon
    Folder locker software: Allows you to hide files or folders from other users and password-protect them on NTFS, FAT32 or exFAT filesystems.