Data Encryption Software

43 PC software downloads for Windows

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  • WD Security

    WD Security Icon
    Drive protection software: Free encryption software for Western Digital drives that secures files and folders behind password protection with 'My Passport'.
  • AxCrypt 2.1.1630.0

    AxCrypt Icon
    File encryptor app: Data encryption with very little hassle; password-protect all sensitive data in a few clicks.
  • SanDisk SecureAccess 3.02

    SanDisk SecureAccess Icon
    Data keeper software: Adds an encrypted, password-protected vault to SanDisk devices with drag-and-drop and sync.
  • Easy File Locker

    Easy File Locker Icon
    File locker app: Free software to lock and protect files and folders hiding them and disabling modification, deletion or copying.
  • OpenPuff 4.01

    OpenPuff Icon
    Data encryptor program: A very useful steganography tool to obscure an encrypt data.
  • gpg4win 4.0.2

    gpg4win Icon
    E-mail security app: Encrypts files, folders and email with digital signatures.
  • VeraCrypt 1.25.9

    VeraCrypt Icon
    Disk encryption software: Enhanced security algorithms for system and partitions encryption.
  • Folder Vault 3.0.1

    Folder Vault Icon
    Folder lock app: Allows users to hide, lock, encrypt and protect files and folders.
  • abylon READER

    abylon READER Icon
    File decryptor app: Free application that can decrypt and unpack SME files, create self-signed certs with quick access via the Windows Explorer shell.
  • ToolWiz Time Freeze 2017

    ToolWiz Time Freeze Icon
    Virtualizer software: Keeps a PC system running Windows protected by reverting to a previous state every time a reboot is performed, preventing junk build up and operating system changes.
  • Karen's Hasher 2.3.1

    Karen's Hasher Icon
    Hash generator program: Small freeware app to compute and verify the SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512 and MS5 hashes of a file or a text string.
  • XCA 1.4.1

    XCA Icon
    X509 creator software: X.509 certification management and creation tool.
  • dsCrypt 1.10

    dsCrypt Icon
    Data encryptor app: File encryption with AES and drag-and-drop file support.