Freeware Audio and Video Editors

70 free and open source downloads for Windows

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  • Shotcut 22.06.23

    Shotcut Icon
    Video Editor: A free and cross-platform video editor with a number of useful features.
  • Orinj 7.0.0

    Orinj Icon
    Multitrack Editor: A DJ mixing program supporting large audio collections.
  • Subtitle Edit 3.6.6

    Subtitle Edit Icon
    Subtitle Editor: Edit virtually any type of subtitle file with tons of options.
  • ocenaudio 3.11.12

    ocenaudio Icon
    Audio Editor: Feature-rich audio editor software with many effects, adjustments, recording options and filters for optimizing and manipulating MP3, WAV and other audio formats.
  • LosslessCut 3.45.0

    LosslessCut Icon
    Video Cutter: Video editor for lossless trimming and cutting of videos.
  • VideoInspector

    VideoInspector Icon
    Video Information: Provides a number of details about video files such as the format, FPS, resolution, codec and audio track details.
  • Avidemux 2.8.0

    Avidemux Icon
    Video Encoder: Video editor, decoder and encoder which can edit and manipulate video projects with near-universal support for standard file formats.
  • Vidiot

    Vidiot Icon
    Video Editor: An open and free video editor designed for creating timelines with drag-and-drop, opacity, scaling and sequences.