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Top 100 programs from sub-categories

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  • GeoGebra 6.0.715.0

    GeoGebra Icon
    Math Calculation: Free mathematics software with utilities for performing algebra, calculus and geometry which creates different visual flat and 3D graphs.
  • GeoGebra Portable 6.0.715.0

    GeoGebra Portable Icon
    Math Calculation: Free and portable math software that can be used in and out of the classroom for geometry, algebra and calculus.
  • OpenSSL 3.0.4

    OpenSSL Icon
    Secure Socket Layer: Collection of command line utilities for creating private keys, along with a library of code for implementing encryption into development projects.
  • Money Manager Ex 1.5.16

    Money Manager Ex Icon
    Income Manager: Helpful personal finance manager that deals with income, expenses, debt and an overview of where money is being spent.
  • Zotero Standalone 6.0.9

    Zotero Standalone Icon
    Organize Research: A research tool helping you save and collaborate data and articles for papers, essays and generation of citations.
  • GitHub Desktop 3.0.2

    GitHub Desktop Icon
    Repository Editor: Easy access to Git with a Windows user interface for quick commits.
  • JStock

    JStock Icon
    KLSE Monitoring: A stock investment management app with several cool tools connected to the KLSE stock exchange.
  • CSVFileView 2.58

    CSVFileView Icon
    CSV Viewer: Provides the ability to view CSV files and convert them.
  • AlephNote 1.7.11

    AlephNote Icon
    Simplenote Client: Extensible, lightweight desktop note client for multiple backends.
  • Manager 22.6.3

    Manager Icon
    Business Management: Free accounting software for small business.
  • Anki 2.1.53

    Anki Icon
    Memory Trainer: A memory optimizer system with flash cards.
  • SourceTree 3.4.9

    SourceTree Icon
    Git Client: Git management utility and Github client to control, publish changes and manage version control of projects.
  • HomeBank 5.5.5

    HomeBank Icon
    Budget Management: Free and flexible personal accounting and finance app which can import from MS Money, Quicken and manage personal finances.