Windows Tweaking Freeware

36 free and open source downloads for Windows

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  • SoundSwitch

    SoundSwitch Icon
    Device Switcher: Swap between different playback devices in Windows using hotkeys.
  • MSMG ToolKit 12.3

    MSMG ToolKit Icon
    Windows Customizer: Complete customization of Windows components for installation.
  • PowerToys 0.59.1

    PowerToys Icon
    A collection of powerful tools for Windows which includes Power Renamer, Color Picker, File Explorer and tweaking of obscure Windows settings.
  • Volume2

    Volume2 Icon
    Volume Customizer: A replacement for Windows' own volume controls.
  • Ultimate Windows Tweaker

    Ultimate Windows Tweaker Icon
    Windows Tweaker: A collection of free tweaks for Windows to customize the appearance, behavior, performance and security of key Windows features and functions.
  • PowerPro 5.3.37h1

    PowerPro Icon
    Bar: A powerful tweaking utility with many options, tools, tweaks and general system optimization for advanced users.
  • CPU Unpark

    CPU Unpark Icon
    Power Plan Changer: Unpark CPU app that can save system battery power by putting CPU cores to sleep or 'park' them.
  • Razer Game Booster

    Razer Game Booster Icon
    PC Optimizer: Improve performance of games by applying registry and other tweaks to Windows for optimal system settings for gaming.
  • Ultimate Settings Panel 6.6

    Ultimate Settings Panel Icon
    Configuration Management: A collection of organized shortcuts to core Windows tweaking and modification features, organized into tabs for quick access.
  • System Brand Changer

    System Brand Changer Icon
    System Logo Customizer: Windows system utility for changing the OEM information of a PC while also adding a custom logo image to the Windows system properties.
  • UAC Pass 1.8

    UAC Pass Icon
    Elevate: Disable the nagging of the Windows User Account Control system.
  • WGA Remover 1.5

    WGA Remover Icon
    WGA Notification Remover: Helps cut back on nagging of Windows' WGA for owners of genuine Windows copies.
  • FixWin 2.2

    FixWin Icon
    Windows Repair: A collection of simple tweaks to improve on Windows bugs.