Remote Desktop Software

53 PC software downloads for Windows

  • pcAnywhere Remote Control 1.0

    pcAnywhere Remote Control Icon
    Remote control program: Access PCs with pcAnywhere installed without having pcAnywhere installed on the local system.
  • mRemoteNG 1.76.20

    mRemoteNG Icon
    Remote connection program: Intuitive remove connection session management utility with a set of powerful tools, tabs and support for multiple remote desktop sessions.
  • RD Tabs 3.0.12

    RD Tabs Icon
    Remote desktop software: Organizes all RDP remote desktop connections into handy tabs.
  • TightVNC 2.8.59

    TightVNC Icon
    Remote control software: Provides graphical remote access over networks from anywhere.
  • UltraVNC 1.3.2

    UltraVNC Icon
    Remote control software: Free remote control software to access distant computers.
  • GBridge

    GBridge Icon
    Folder synchronizer app: Google-powered remote desktop application with chat, backup and administrative controls.
  • Gmote Server 2.0.2

    Gmote Server Icon
    Remote control app: Android users can use their phone or tablet as a remote control.
  • AirParrot 2.1.0

    AirParrot Icon
    Mirror desktop app: Displays your PC screen on an Apple TV display.
  • iTeleport Connect

    iTeleport Connect Icon
    Remote device controller program: A WiFi and 3G remote control functionality for iPhone, iPad on a Windows PC with several levels of security.
  • uTorrent WebUI 0.388

    uTorrent WebUI Icon
    Utorrent controller software: Provides a remote control server for a running uTorrent Bit Torrent client from a web browser on a local IP address.
  • NeoRouter 2.3.1

    NeoRouter Icon
    Remote access program: NeoRouter is the ideal Remote Access and VPN solution.
  • ShowMyPC 3520

    ShowMyPC Icon
    Remote access software: A remote desktop sharing application suitable for newbies.
  • LogMeIn Free 4.1.4132

    LogMeIn Free Icon
    Remote control program: Provides access to your PC remotely from anywhere via the LogMeIn control web site including from tablets and cell phones.