Windows Shell Software

25 PC software downloads for Windows

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  • QT TabBar 1043

    QT TabBar Icon
    Tab creator software: Improves navigation speed by adding tabs to Windows Explorer windows.
  • SageThumbs

    SageThumbs Icon
    Image preview software: Provides support for thumbnails in Explorer with more formats.
  • WizMouse

    WizMouse Icon
    Mouse pointer software: Basic tool that provides mouse wheel functionality, even if the application you're using does not.
  • AudioShell 2.3.6

    AudioShell Icon
    Tag editor app: Application to edit MP3 ID3 tags along with batch processing and Windows shell integration.
  • Clover 3.5.4

    Clover Icon
    Windows explorer customizer app: Windows Explorer tweak which adds tabs to your Windows Explorer shell like tabbed browsing.
  • USB Manager 2.06

    USB Manager Icon
    USB management software: Manage connected USB devices from within the tray or context menus.
  • Executor 0.99.12b

    Executor Icon
    Launcher app: Replaces the File->Run feature in Windows start menu.
  • MiniBin

    MiniBin Icon
    Recycle BIN emptier program: Adds a Windows Recycling Bin icon and function to the system tray.
  • HotKeyz

    HotKeyz Icon
    Shortcut control app: Work faster and more efficiently by using your keyboard instead of your mouse.
  • ShellMenuView 1.41

    ShellMenuView Icon
    Context menu software: Gives control over items in the Windows Explorer right-click menus.
  • Folder Colorizer 1.2

    Folder Colorizer Icon
    Folder customizer app: Customizes the color of the normally yellow folder icons in Explorer.
  • Super Win Menu

    Super Win Menu Icon
    Menu starter software: Alternative Windows start menu program to open programs and documents directly.
  • Moo0 RightClicker 1.56

    Moo0 RightClicker Icon
    Context menu enhancement program: Provides for an alternative right-click context menu with additional file management options.
  • WindowTangler 1.1

    WindowTangler Icon
    Window hider software: Powerful, free utility for desktop productivity and privacy.
  • VolumeTouch 1.1

    VolumeTouch Icon
    Volume control software: Replaces the Windows volume icon with an alternative control.