Benchmark Software

36 PC software downloads for Windows

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  • FurMark

    FurMark Icon
    OpenGL benchmarking app: An intensive Windows-based OpenGL diagnostics tool.
  • HeavyLoad

    HeavyLoad Icon
    Computer stress tester app: Stress tests your GPU, RAM, CPU, disk drives and operating system features.
  • ThrottleStop 9.4

    ThrottleStop Icon
    CPU benchmarking software: A CPU benchmarking tool designed for Core 2 and Core I CPUs.
  • LinX 0.6.5

    LinX Icon
    CPU benchmarking program: A benchmarking tool for CPUs testing GFlops.
  • Prime95 30.7.9

    Prime95 Icon
    Prime number program: An extensive CPU stress test diagnostic which searches for prime numbers, execute Lucas-Lehmer primality test.
  • Anvils Storage Utilities 1.1.0

    Anvils Storage Utilities Icon
    SSD benchmarking app: Endurance and benchmark testing tool for analyzing the performance of both solid state and traditional hard disk drives.
  • 3DMark Basic 2.22.7359

    3DMark Basic Icon
    Performance benchmarking software: Powerful commercial benchmarking application that performs stress tests on a PC with DirectX 11 3D graphics capabilities.
  • RAM Saver Pro 22.5

    RAM Saver Pro Icon
    RAM tweaking software: Easy-to-use RAM optimizer tool that will keep your computer running faster.
  • MaxxMEM2

    MaxxMEM2 Icon
    Memory benchmarking program: Quick and effective way to test the copy, read and write speed of RAM with a latency score.
  • IntelBurnTest 2.54

    IntelBurnTest Icon
    CPU stress tester program: Advanced benchmarking utility based on Linpack that tests the potential and power of CPUs by Intel and AMD.
  • Cinebench 23.2

    Cinebench Icon
    Benchmark solution app: Utility to compare CPU and graphics performance on PCs.
  • Geekbench 5.4.5

    Geekbench Icon
    CPU benchmarking app: Straightforward way to perform a stress test on a CPU with single- and multi-core scores and testing of floating point, memory and integer.
  • Linpack Xtreme 1.1.3

    Linpack Xtreme Icon
    PC benchmarking program: Front-end to the latest version of Linpack, stress testing for PC systems.
  • SineGen 2.5

    SineGen Icon
    Full-blown tone & noise generator with source code.
  • Asus RealBench 2.56

    Asus RealBench Icon
    ASUS ROG benchmarking app: PC benchmarking utility that takes advantage of different open source apps to test a Windows sytem for performance to edit and encode video and run multitasking.
  • DiskBench

    DiskBench Icon
    Hard disk tester app: Test the speed of your hard drive or solid state disk by copying files or directories.
  • ATTO Disk Benchmark 4.01.0f1

    ATTO Disk Benchmark Icon
    Performance measurement app: Test and benchmark the speed and performance of HDD, SSD or USB device by reading and writing data to the disk.
  • NovaBench 4.0.9

    NovaBench Icon
    CPU speed testing program: Benchmarks CPU, 3D graphics, memory and disk write speed.