Hardware Diagnostic Software

72 PC software downloads for Windows

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  • AI Suite III 3.00.62

    AI Suite III Icon
    System information app: An all-in-one interface for managing different ASUS components, tools and utilities - useful for gamers and power users alike.
  • OCCT 8.1.3

    OCCT Icon
    CPU monitoring program: An extensive tool for tesing PC stability, RAM and CPU.
  • HWiNFO64 7.02.4430

    HWiNFO64 Icon
    System information app: Provides comprehensive information about PC hardware status with hardware diagnostics and analysis.
  • CPU-Z 1.96.0

    CPU-Z Icon
    CPU information app: Displays vital system information and data for installed memory, CPU, mainboard, caches, graphics and benchmarks.
  • Core Temp 1.17.1

    Core Temp Icon
    Temperature monitoring app: Keep track of the temperature of Intel and AMD CPUs.
  • ChipGenius 4.19.1225

    ChipGenius Icon
    USB device information app: Displays information about connected USB devices for diagnosis.
  • HWMonitor 1.44.0

    HWMonitor Icon
    Hardware monitoring app: Comprehensive system and hardware monitoring utility for PC.
  • ASUS Fan Xpert 3.00.01

    ASUS Fan Xpert Icon
    A complete tool for controlling the fans installed on ASUS desktop and laptop PCs with voltage, temperature and fan speed information.
  • AIDA64 6.33.5700

    AIDA64 Icon
    System diagnostics app: Streamlined Windows diagnostic, benchmarking and hardware monitoring software.
  • Test My Hardware 3.0

    Test My Hardware Icon
    Displays basic information about the hardware installed in a PC such as CPU, mainboard, memory and video adapter details.
  • Desktop Info 2.10.2

    Desktop Info Icon
    Desktop information app: General system information tool which displays details including network.
  • ASUS PC Diagnostics 1.4.5

    ASUS PC Diagnostics Icon
    System information app: Hardware diagnostics and troubleshooting for ASUS systems with stress testing for CPU, installed memory modules and video card.
  • Dr. Hardware 21.4.5e

    Dr. Hardware Icon
    System information app: Display of core hardware components of a PC with a few tests for the monitor, CPU and memory.
  • System Information Viewer 5.57

    System Information Viewer Icon
    System information software: Comprehensive system information utility which displays an array of data about hardware information from the CPU, memory, cache, hard drives, network and others.
  • StressMyPC 4.55

    StressMyPC Icon
    CPU stress tester software: Applies stress to your laptop or device in order to test the battery life.
  • NZXT CAM 4.10.1

    NZXT CAM Icon
    CPU monitoring program: Complete PC monitoring solution with details about hardware components.
  • AI Suite II 1.02.15

    AI Suite II Icon
    System information app: Provides five useful utilities for owners of Asus systems for improving performance and gathering system information.
  • HWiNFO32 7.02.4430

    HWiNFO32 Icon
    Hardware information app: Provides comprehensive information about PC hardware status.