Computer Utilities

126 PC software downloads for Windows

  • PeStudio 9.09

    PeStudio Icon
    Analyzer program: Investigate indicators, viruses, imports and resources of EXE files.
  • StopUpdates10 3.5.115

    StopUpdates10 Icon
    Windows updates blocker software: A sophisticated tool to manage when, how and if Windows updates will be permitted at any time of the day, on a schedule.
  • RemoteDLL 5.0

    RemoteDLL Icon
    DLL injector software: Simple tool to Inject DLL or Remove DLL from a remote process.
  • Regshot 1.9.0

    Regshot Icon
    Display registry changes made by newly installed applications.
  • Re-Enable

    Re-Enable Icon
    Re enable software: Restores Windows tools like Safe Mode and utilities after a malware attack.
  • AskAdmin 1.8

    AskAdmin Icon
    Blocker app: Requests permission to execute applications, ideal for kids or guest users on a PC.
  • Resource Hacker 3.6.0

    Resource Hacker Icon
    Executable analyzer software: Freeware utility to modify 32-bit and 64-bit Windows resources.
  • BatteryCare

    BatteryCare Icon
    Battery monitoring app: Simple battery optimization software for extending battery lifetime and providing critical information, battery calibration.
  • Bat To Exe Converter 3.2

    Bat To Exe Converter Icon
    BAT to EXE converter app: Simple and easy application that converts BAT scripts into EXE files with metadata and password protection options.
  • FreeKapture 2.0

    FreeKapture Icon
    Image capture app: A free TWAIN image capture tool for older versions of Windows.
  • Mousotron 12.1

    Mousotron Icon
    Mouse monitoring program: Mousotron keeps track of mouse and keyboard activity.