Freeware Computer Utilities

117 free and open source downloads for Windows

  • Don't Sleep 8.11

    Don't Sleep Icon
    Shutdown Blocker: Utility to prevent your system from shutting off, hibernating or restarting.
  • MSI Live Update

    MSI Live Update Icon
    MSI Updater: Update management application for BIOS, firmware, driver and utilities on systems with an MSI motherboard.
  • Battery Monitor 9.5

    Battery Monitor Icon
    Laptop Battery: A gadget utility displaying battery details like voltage and charge.
  • IsMyLcdOK 4.44

    IsMyLcdOK Icon
    Test Monitoring: Simple software to check an LCD screen for dead pixels.
  • Lenovo Service Bridge

    Lenovo Service Bridge Icon
    System utility that can detect the make, model and serial number of a Lenovo PC for providing technical support online.
  • HelpNDoc

    HelpNDoc Icon
    EBook Creator: Produces help and documentation files for CHM, Word, PDF, Kindle and more.
  • VideoCacheView 3.06

    VideoCacheView Icon
    Video Extraction: Extract Web site video files from the cache of your Web browser.
  • SIW 11.1.0220

    SIW Icon
    System Information: SIW: The Freeware System Information Tool.
  • USBOblivion

    USBOblivion Icon
    Registry Cleaner: Removes all traces of USB devices connected from the registry.
  • XOutput 3.32

    XOutput Icon
    Directinput Converter: Utility that allows you to play games with a XBox 360 controller by converting DirectInput to XInput with the latest Microsoft libraries.
  • BotMek 1.6.0

    BotMek Icon
    Key Combination: Keyboard and mouse emulator with support for macros.
  • Dragon Gaming Center 2.0.1701.0601

    Dragon Gaming Center Icon
    Keep tabs on management of MSI gaming rigs with overclocking, customization, PC maintenance and custom gaming profiles for gamers and enthusiasts.
  • StopUpdates10 3.5.115

    StopUpdates10 Icon
    Windows Updates Blocker: A sophisticated tool to manage when, how and if Windows updates will be permitted at any time of the day, on a schedule.