Disk Management

37 PC software downloads for Windows

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  • Easy2Boot 2.13

    Easy2Boot Icon
    USB booter app: Lightweight software app that can convert portable USB devices into bootable media, useful for installing an operating system or running a live version of Linux.
  • WinToUSB 6.8

    WinToUSB Icon
    Installer software: Runs a Windows installation directly from a USB mass storage device.
  • Universal USB Installer

    Universal USB Installer Icon
    USB creator booter software: Quick and easy software utility for creating a live Linux distro from portable media such as a flash drive with a step-by-step wizard interface.
  • MeinPlatz 7.51

    MeinPlatz Icon
    File scanner program: Checks and scans the hard drive for potentially lost space and displays comprehensive details about the files and folders occupying space on storage media.
  • YUMI

    YUMI Icon
    Multiboot installer software: Create bootable OS images for your pen and USB drives.
  • UMDGen 4.00.61205.01

    UMDGen Icon
    Udm ISO image manipulation software: A tool to create UMD-compliant ISO image files for burning to disc for owners of PSP UMD discs.
  • Media Creation Tool 21H2 (10.0.22000.253)

    Media Creation Tool Icon
    Windows 10 installer program: Create a bootable Windows installation disk on external hard drive, USB stick or other media - or create bootable Windows ISO images.
  • WizTree 4.08

    WizTree Icon
    Storage management software: Quickly locate the largest files and folders on your hard drive. Fast!.
  • MultiBoot USB 2.1

    MultiBoot USB Icon
    Multi-USB booter program: Turn your USB thumbdrive into a multiple boot media.
  • WinToBootic 2.2.1

    WinToBootic Icon
    Installer creator software: Easily create Windows boot disks from different Windows version.
  • EasyBCD Community Edition

    EasyBCD Community Edition Icon
    Bootloader modifier app: A bootloader tool and repair utility which enables running multiple operating systems like Linux, Windows or Mac OS X.
  • WinToFlash 1.13.0000

    WinToFlash Icon
    Win to flasher software: Prep the USB drive to become a bootable replacement for Windows Setup CD.
  • UNetbootin 7.02

    UNetbootin Icon
    Dual installation booter software: Boot Linux from a USB drive!.
  • ISO Recorder 3.1

    ISO Recorder Icon
    ISO recorder program: Burn CDs, DVDs, copy discs, create ISO images and copy contents for backup or virtual disc mounting.
  • AIO Boot

    AIO Boot Icon
    Bootable USB creator app: Creates bootable USB drives for different operating systems.
  • LiLi USB Creator 2.9.4

    LiLi USB Creator Icon
    Bootable USB creator program: Easily create bootable USB sticks for running Linux on your PC.
  • Rufus 3.18

    Rufus Icon
    Bootable USB creator software: Bootable USB creation utility which supports ISO image files for a number of new and old BIOS and operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android and others.
  • TreeSize Professional

    TreeSize Professional Icon
    HDD management software: A very powerful utility which scans hard drives or other connected media for large files and allows you to sort them by size, date and filetype.
  • Tuxboot 0.8.3

    Tuxboot Icon
    USB booter software: Linux live disk creator for bootable drives with Clonezilla support.
  • ISO to USB 1.6

    ISO to USB Icon
    ISO burner program: Creates USB disks from ISO images including bootable drives.
  • Disk Heal 1.48

    Disk Heal Icon
    File recovery app: Provides different tweaks for fixing PC and hard drive issues.