File Search Software

15 PC software downloads for Windows

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  • SearchMyFiles 3.21

    SearchMyFiles Icon
    File search software: Alternative to the standard "Search For Files And Folders" module of Windows.
  • Agent Ransack 2022.3335

    Agent Ransack Icon
    File finder app: Search tool with high speed searching and regex support featuring both standard and advanced options for novice and intermediate users.
  • grepWin 2.0.10

    grepWin Icon
    Regular expression search app: Search and replace tool for Windows supporting regular expressions that can search through files, folders and sub-directories.
  • Everything

    Everything Icon
    File finder app: A super fast desktop file search application that finds files and folders on a system by use of keywords.
  • FileSearchy 1.43

    FileSearchy Icon
    File search app: Quick and convenient way to find files on your computer.
  • Wise JetSearch 4.1.4

    Wise JetSearch Icon
    File search software: Search files/folders in various formats on local drives and removable drives.
  • DwgLocate 2.2

    DwgLocate Icon
    Autocad plugin app: If you use AutoCAD on a daily basis, you definitely know how bad the problem is organizing drawings and searching for a necessary file among hundreds or thousands of others. If you are a human (and not a robot-organizer, which has all files properly....
  • DocFetcher 1.1.25

    DocFetcher Icon
    Document finder app: Search the contents of documents on your computer.
  • JPEG IFilter 1.0

    JPEG IFilter Icon
    Content indexing filter program: JPEG IFilter is an indexing service filter for JPEG (JFIF) image files.
  • ExactFile

    ExactFile Icon
    File integrity verification app: Creates files for testing file integrity. Multi-threaded and Unicode compliant.
  • Pretty Run

    Pretty Run Icon
    Menu starter search program: A small addon which improves Windows search functionality.
  • AlternateStreamView 1.56

    AlternateStreamView Icon
    Alternate streaming finder app: Quick and effective utility which finds alternate streams on NTFS drives.
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