Educational Freeware

Top 47 programs from sub-categories

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  • WhatPulse 4.0

    WhatPulse Icon
    Keystroke Monitoring: A small utility which records and analyzes your typing statistics and maps usage of the mouse while keeping a history.
  • TheSage 7.40.2712

    TheSage Icon
    One-click complete dictionary and multifaceted thesaurus of the English language.
  • AntConc 4.0.11

    AntConc Icon
    Corpus Analyzer: Linguistic analysis of single or multiple text files, usage for data-driven analysis of text and keywords.
  • TuxGuitar 1.5.6 Beta

    TuxGuitar Icon
    Music Composer: Compose music with a number of beats, instruments and talbatures.
  • SunVox 2.0e

    SunVox Icon
    Music Composer: Creates music and add synthesizer tracks.
  • WordWeb 10.03

    WordWeb Icon
    Speller: Free one-click English thesaurus and dictionary.
  • QTranslate 6.10.0

    QTranslate Icon
    Text Translator: Translation software for most apps which queries online dictionaries.
  • Hydrogen 1.1.1

    Hydrogen Icon
    Sound Editor: Create drum beat tracks in a simple user interface with instruments.
  • BOINC 7.16.20

    BOINC Icon
    CPU Usage Diagnostics: Uses the idle processor time of your PC to solve problems.
  • Zyzzyva 3.3.0

    Zyzzyva Icon
    Anagram Generator: A word study program for SCRABBLE enthusiasts.
  • DWSIM 6.6.0

    DWSIM Icon
    Chemical Process Simulation: A chemical process emulator suitable for teachers and students.
  • MIDITrail 1.3.3

    MIDITrail Icon
    MIDI Player: A graphical piano visualizer for playing back MIDI files.
  • Alternate Chord 1.900

    Alternate Chord Icon
    Chord Editor: Software which helps learn guitar that can create, export and play custom guitar chords and tablatures with a number of customization options.
  • Free Language Translator 3.9.11

    Free Language Translator Icon
    Word Translator: Translate and create custom dictionaries with support for subtitle formats which relies on Google Translate.
  • MuseScore 3.10

    MuseScore Icon
    Music Score Creator: A freeware music notation program.