Miscellaneous Software

24 PC software downloads for Windows

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  • Just Color Picker 5.6

    Just Color Picker Icon
    Color picking tool that grabs the color codes from images including HEX, RGP, HSB and HTML.
  • Samsung Update

    Samsung Update Icon
    System updater software: Downloads and installs the latest software updates for Samsung PCs.
  • Graphviz 4.0.0

    Graphviz Icon
    Graph visualization app: Creates graphs in several formats including SVG for the web.
  • MediaInfo 22.06

    MediaInfo Icon
    Video information program: A free utility to display information about media files.
  • NK2Edit 3.44

    NK2Edit Icon
    Nk2 editor program: Full NK2 (AutoComplete) editor for Microsoft Outlook.
  • Freeplane 1.10.3

    Freeplane Icon
    Knowledge management app: Free mind mapping software which can create a visual web of ideas in a clean and intuitive interface through brainstorming.
  • ComicRack 0.9.177

    ComicRack Icon
    Ecomic viewer app: Browse and read CBZ, CBR, CBT and PDT electronic comic books (eComics) on your PC screen.
  • DIZzy 1.12

    DIZzy Icon
    NFO viewer app: Allows you to view nicer NFO and DIZ files rendering ASCII art.
  • CCEnhancer 4.5.7

    CCEnhancer Icon
    CCleaner enhancement app: Improves the functionality of CCleaner including more programs.
  • IKEA Home Planner 2.0.3

    IKEA Home Planner Icon
    Allows you to plan rooms with IKEA furniture in a virtual 3D environment which can then be brought to an IKEA store.
  • WinLicense 1.960

    WinLicense Icon
    Protect software: Licensing tool for software publishers which encrypts and unlocks software with a registration key.
  • yoshinoGRAPH 6.1.7

    yoshinoGRAPH Icon
    Chart analyzer software: Powerful software app that creates beautiful 2D or 3D graphs from data with data analysis tools.
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