Mobile Phone Software

Top 100 programs from sub-categories

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  • 3uTools 2.56.012

    3uTools Icon
    IPhone jailbreak : Powerful flash and jailbreak tool for iPhone and iPad devices.
  • DroidCam 6.4.3

    DroidCam Icon
    Phone webcam app: Turns Android mobile device into a wireless webcam that can be used as a video input device for video calls and streaming sessions.
  • Odin3 3.14.4

    Odin3 Icon
    Samsung firmware updater program: Allows you to update your Android firmware without fuss.
  • ReiBoot 8.0.6

    ReiBoot Icon
    IPhone recovery software: Perform a recovery mode reset of iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
  • Nox App Player

    Nox App Player Icon
    Android OS emulator program: An Android emulator which supports games and Google Play Store.
  • Remix OS 3.0.207

    Remix OS Icon
    Android desktop software: An optimized version of the Android OS for Windows PC systems that can emulate cell phone or tablet apps.
  • iVCam 6.2.0

    iVCam Icon
    IPhone webcam program: Stream iPhone camera video as an IP Camera on Windows.
  • Apk Downloader

    Apk Downloader Icon
    APK downloader app: Download Android APK apps to your PC without having to use your phone, directly from the Google Play store.
  • Samsung DeX

    Samsung DeX Icon
    Run Windows applications on a Samsung Galaxy Android device with virtualization and remote desktop connection.
  • Droid4X 0.11.7 Beta

    Droid4X Icon
    Android emulator app: A virtual Android emulator for the PC which can play games, control other Android devices and access the Google Play Store.
  • LDPlayer 4.0.44

    LDPlayer Icon
    Android emulator program: Android OS emulator for playing games and running apps on your desktop, usually running the latest and greatest version of Android for full stability.
  • SamFirm

    SamFirm Icon
    Revert root software: Revert changes to Samsung phones caused by jailbreak.
  • iMazing 2.13.8

    iMazing Icon
    IPhone management program: iPhone and iPad file transfer software for backing up apps, photos, notes, contacts and messages.
  • Debloater 4.00

    Debloater Icon
    Android blocker app: Provides tools which can enable/disable and block Android apps.
  • iBackup Viewer 4.18.2

    iBackup Viewer Icon
    IPhone explorer backup program: Backup utility for iPhone which saves WhatsApp, contact and other data.
  • Samsung Tool PRO 34.11

    Samsung Tool PRO Icon
    Samsung repair software: Advanced Samsung tool for unlocking and repairing Galaxy devices including the ability to completely wipe a phone and flash official firmware.
  • z3x shell 4.8.3

    z3x shell Icon
    Software for management of flashing and unlocking Samsung devices.