Password Software

45 PC software downloads for Windows

  • LastPass Password Manager

    LastPass Password Manager Icon
    Password management program: Versatile cloud-based password manager which integrates well with Chrome and Firefox combining high-level encryption protected with a master password.
  • SafeInCloud 22.2.3

    SafeInCloud Icon
    Password management software: A cloud-based password manager with support for multiple platforms.
  • CmosPwd 5.0

    CmosPwd Icon
    Helps you recover passwords embedded inside of your system BIOS.
  • HP SimplePass 8.01.46 Rev.A

    HP SimplePass Icon
    Secure access app: Driver and password manager for HP PCs, allowing use of fingerprint for logging on to Windows and online services by enabling the fingerprint scanner.
  • Password Depot 16.0.4

    Password Depot Icon
    Password management program: Advanced password manager with support for strong encryption, auto-completion and a master password for each database.
  • Sticky Password

    Sticky Password Icon
    Password management software: Intelligent password manager and form filler for web and usual programs.
  • RoboForm 9.2.7

    RoboForm Icon
    An intelligent password manager and data storage solution with access to the cloud.
  • SpotAuditor 5.3.7

    SpotAuditor Icon
    Password revealer software: Advanced password retriever which supports many web browsers, email clients and FTP clients.
  • WinKeyFinder 2.10

    WinKeyFinder Icon
    Key finder software: Retrieve installed product keys on a number of Microsoft products.