Business and Development Software

Top 100 programs from sub-categories

  • Maxima 5.44.0

    Maxima Icon
    Function plotter program: Computer algebra system that manipulates numerical expressions.
  • soapUI Portable 5.6.0

    soapUI Portable Icon
    Web service inspector software: An excellent testing tool for SOAP, REST and WADL services.
  • FileCenter Automate

    FileCenter Automate Icon
    File converter app: OCR and file conversion software that can convert numerous different filetypes in batch to PDF including JPG, PNG, DOC, XLS and others.
  • Open Freely

    Open Freely Icon
    A universal file viewer with support for loads and different filetypes including video, audio, office, text and file archives.
  • HxD

    HxD Icon
    HEX editor app: HxD Hex Editor inspects and edits any file, main memory or disk/disk image.
  • VCF Viewer 1.1

    VCF Viewer Icon
    VCF file viewer software: Basic VCF viewing software which can scan folders for vCard files and display information contained including name, phone number.
  • Maple 9.04

    Maple Icon
    Document management program: Document, file and information organizer which creates hierarchical trees for storing information including images, notes, text files and more.
  • CheckWriter 7.03

    CheckWriter Icon
    Check writer app: A quick and easy way to credit checks and then print them.
  • Big Button Calculator 1.0

    Big Button Calculator Icon
    Sidebar gadget app: This is a simple 10-digit display calculator with a large display and large buttons, styled after the big hand held calculators found in stores. It can add, subtract, multiply and divide, and has a memory feature as well. This calculator is meant for....
  • Aptana Studio

    Aptana Studio Icon
    Creator app: Web development suite of utilities for building web applications with support for popular languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby and PHP.
  • Home Bookkeeping

    Home Bookkeeping Icon
    Budget management app: Easy-to-use software that can help manage your personal accounting, keep and eye on debt and manage incomes and expenses.
  • AccessPort 1.37

    AccessPort Icon
    Rs232 monitoring app: RS232 terminal monitor for serial ports.
  • AbiWord 2.8.6

    AbiWord Icon
    Text editor app: A free Word alternative word processor with similar features.
  • FlashDevelop

    FlashDevelop Icon
    Script editor app: A suite of tools for web developers to create, test, highlight and edit different types of code including Flash, HAXE, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and others.