Customization Software

Top 100 programs from sub-categories

  • Start Menu 8

    Start Menu 8 Icon
    Windows 8 menu starter software: Start menu replacement tool which can restore previous versions of the Start menu that existed in XP, Vista and 7/8.
  • ScreenBright 0.2.5

    ScreenBright Icon
    Brightness adjuster software: Changes the brightness of your screen by adjusting balance.
  • MSMG ToolKit 11.4

    MSMG ToolKit Icon
    Windows customizer program: Complete customization of Windows components for installation.
  • Ultimate Windows Tweaker

    Ultimate Windows Tweaker Icon
    Windows tweaker software: A collection of free tweaks for Windows to customize the appearance, behavior, performance and security of key Windows features and functions.
  • Fences 3.09

    Fences Icon
    Desktop organizer app: Desktop enhancement utility that can organize icons, create multiple desktop pages and create containers for icons.
  • LightBulb 2.3.1

    LightBulb Icon
    Color temperature adjuster program: Automatically changes the gamma and temperature of monitor.
  • Dell Dock

    Dell Dock Icon
    A menu system for Windows for users with a Dell computer that mimics ViaoGate or the Mac OS X dock.
  • Portable Start Menu 3.7

    Portable Start Menu Icon
    Menu creator starter program: Freeware portable start menu creation software that adds functionality to the Windows desktop menu.
  • YoWindow 4.0.166

    YoWindow Icon
    Weather screensaver software: Free weather station for Windows. Open YoWindow and you will love the weather.
  • XWidget 1.9.22

    XWidget Icon
    Desktop customizer software: A powerful widget system with tons of featured widgets/gadgets.
  • BGInfo 4.28

    BGInfo Icon
    Backgrounds generator app: Automatically update Windows background with vital information.
  • Dual Monitor 1.22.021813

    Dual Monitor Icon
    System taskbar app: Windows utility that can extend the taskbar and the system tray to a second external monitor and move apps from the primary screen.
  • Nexus 20.10

    Nexus Icon
    Fully-customizable dock for Windows that mimicks the look of the Macintosh OS dock at the bottom of the screen.
  • ZoomIt 4.52

    ZoomIt Icon
    Break timer software: Small and portable utility that provides a zoom tool with the option to add annotations for presentations.
  • BioniX Wallpaper 10.94

    BioniX Wallpaper Icon
    Wallpaper rotator app: Automatic wallpaper software that downloads new custom images in high definition from sites like Flickr and desktop widgets.
  • Keep Display On 1.1

    Keep Display On Icon
    Screensaver blocker program: Prevents Windows from turning off display or starting screensaver.
  • XLaunchpad 1.1.8

    XLaunchpad Icon
    Launch software: A beautiful way of accessing your apps from your Windows desktop.
  • SunsetScreen 1.36

    SunsetScreen Icon
    Brightness adjuster software: Helps remove reflective glare from your screen by modifying color and tone.