Customization Software

Top 100 programs from sub-categories

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  • Dual Monitor 1.22.021813

    Dual Monitor Icon
    System taskbar app: Windows utility that can extend the taskbar and the system tray to a second external monitor and move apps from the primary screen.
  • Digital Talking Parrot 1.0.25

    Digital Talking Parrot Icon
    Animated screensaver app: Digital talking parrot that mimics sounds, sings and acts as a screensaver on your desktop.
  • System Brand Changer

    System Brand Changer Icon
    System logo customizer software: Windows system utility for changing the OEM information of a PC while also adding a custom logo image to the Windows system properties.
  • BGInfo 4.28

    BGInfo Icon
    Backgrounds generator app: Automatically update Windows background with vital information.
  • Desk Drive 2.1.2

    Desk Drive Icon
    Utility which automatically creates a shortcut on the Windows desktop each time a USB drive or other mass storage device is connected with exclusion options.
  • SoundSwitch

    SoundSwitch Icon
    Device switcher software: Swap between different playback devices in Windows using hotkeys.
  • f.lux 4.120

    f.lux Icon
    Display light adjuster app: Modifies your computer display adapting to night and day.
  • FixWin 2.2

    FixWin Icon
    Windows repair app: A collection of simple tweaks to improve on Windows bugs.
  • Folderico 6.2

    Folderico Icon
    Icon changer app: Utility which customizes folder icons in Windows Explorer.
  • WGA Remover 1.5

    WGA Remover Icon
    WGA notification remover software: Helps cut back on nagging of Windows' WGA for owners of genuine Windows copies.
  • OblyTile 0.9.9

    OblyTile Icon
    Tile designer program: Create and add tiles to the Windows 8 "Start Screen".
  • Ultimate Windows Tweaker

    Ultimate Windows Tweaker Icon
    Windows tweaker software: A collection of free tweaks for Windows to customize the appearance, behavior, performance and security of key Windows features and functions.
  • XLaunchpad

    XLaunchpad Icon
    Launch software: A beautiful way of accessing your apps from your Windows desktop.
  • macOS Transformation Pack 5.0

    macOS Transformation Pack Icon
    Theme changer software: Transforms the look of your Windows theme into something like Mac with icons, taskbar and windows all transformed.