Customization Software

Top 100 programs from sub-categories

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  • WGA Remover 1.5

    WGA Remover Icon
    WGA notification remover software: Helps cut back on nagging of Windows' WGA for owners of genuine Windows copies.
  • Key Remapper

    Key Remapper Icon
    Keyboard mapper program: Key Remapper is an utility to remap or disable individual keys on your keyboard.
  • MAC DOCK 6.0

    MAC DOCK Icon
    Dock simulator program: Simulates the Mac OS X dock on your Windows desktop.
  • IconRestorer

    IconRestorer Icon
    Restore icon posotion program: Free software utility that can save the position of icons on the desktop and restore layouts, based on display resolution.
  • AutoIt

    AutoIt Icon
    Script creator app: Scripting language like BASIC that can create and run automated scheduled tasks.
  • DeskScapes 10.02

    DeskScapes Icon
    Animated wallpaper app: An extensive theme system with effects and animations for your desktop.
  • 3RVX 2.5

    3RVX Icon
    A lovely desktop enhancement for volume control with PNG support.
  • SkinStudio 7.4

    SkinStudio Icon
    Skin editor software: Create your own graphical user interface (GUI) that you can apply to Windows.
  • SyMenu 6.14

    SyMenu Icon
    Launcher software: A portable menu launcher which is easy to use and intuitive.
  • Le Dimmer

    Le Dimmer Icon
    Light dimmer program: Lightweight software that can change the brightness of the computer screen with the exception of the current active window.
  • LogonStudio 1.7

    LogonStudio Icon
    Logon customizer program: Window start screen customization program that can apply different styles and backgrounds to start up.
  • Longhorn SideBar 5.0

    Longhorn SideBar Icon
    Note tracker program: Small desktop addon that can search the web, save sticky notes and access links similar to Google Desktop.
  • AeroWeather 3.0.0

    AeroWeather Icon
    Weather gadget app: A system tray widget which displays current weather information.
  • LiveTuner 4.0

    LiveTuner Icon
    Computer optimizer program: A collection of tools for tuning, tweaking and optimizing Windows.
  • UAC Pass 1.8

    UAC Pass Icon
    Elevate software: Disable the nagging of the Windows User Account Control system.
  • Razer Game Booster

    Razer Game Booster Icon
    PC optimizer software: Improve performance of games by applying registry and other tweaks to Windows for optimal system settings for gaming.
  • FixWin 2.2

    FixWin Icon
    Windows repair app: A collection of simple tweaks to improve on Windows bugs.