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Top 100 programs from sub-categories

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  • MeinPlatz 6.91

    MeinPlatz Icon
    File Scanner: Checks and scans the hard drive for potentially lost space and displays comprehensive details about the files and folders occupying space on storage media.
  • PeaZip 7.9.0

    PeaZip Icon
    File Archiver: An open-source archiver that creates archive files, decompresses and encrypts ZIP, RAR and 7Z files.
  • OkMap 16.0.0

    OkMap Icon
    Map Creator: Allows you to create, explore and edit maps for outdoor activities with GPS devices with raster, vectorial or hybrid maps.
  • Personal Backup

    Personal Backup Icon
    Folder Backup: User-friendly and free personal backup software for scheduling the synchronization of files and folders locally or to network locations including FTP servers.
  • Quantum GIS 3.18.2

    Quantum GIS Icon
    Map Creator: An advanced set of tools for creating and editing professional maps.
  • Graphviz 2.47.1

    Graphviz Icon
    Graph Visualization: Creates graphs in several formats including SVG for the web.
  • SUMo

    SUMo Icon
    Updater Monitoring: Update checker which scans the PC for popular software and indicates whether updates are available.
  • Kate

    Kate Icon
    Text Editor: Powerful text editing application that supports all of the mainstream programming languages along with a set of tools useful for developers.
  • Universal USB Installer

    Universal USB Installer Icon
    USB Creator Booter: Quick and easy software utility for creating a live Linux distro from portable media such as a flash drive with a step-by-step wizard interface.
  • Vim for Windows 8.2.2786

    Vim for Windows Icon
    Text Editor: Imitation of the UNIX text editor VI developed for Windows PCs with keyboard shortcuts.
  • WizTree 3.39

    WizTree Icon
    Storage Management: Quickly locate the largest files and folders on your hard drive. Fast!.
  • YUMI

    YUMI Icon
    Multiboot Installer: Create bootable OS images for your pen and USB drives.
  • Atom 1.56.0

    Atom Icon
    Text Editor: Text editor and programmer's toolkit for clean and readable code.
  • Avast Clear 21.3.6164

    Avast Clear Icon
    Avast Uninstaller: Completely removes installations of avast! antivirus on Windows.
  • BiblioteQ 2021.04.10

    BiblioteQ Icon
    Book Organizer: A professional cataloger with several advanced and smart features including import and export TO CSV.
  • CopyQ 4.0.0

    CopyQ Icon
    Clipboard Management: An advanced, useful and flexible management tool for saving and keeping a tab on multiple clipboard entries.
  • DesktopCal

    DesktopCal Icon
    Desktop Calendar: Customizable calendar widget that integrates with the desktop providing quick access to notes and appointments.