Top 100 programs from sub-categories

  • Snes9X 1.60

    Snes9X Icon
    Nintendo emulator software: A free and fast Super Nintendo and Super Famicom emulator.
  • Leapdroid

    Leapdroid Icon
    A fully-featured Android emulator that can play games on a desktop PC.
  • GTA 1 1.0

    GTA 1 Icon
    Original shooter app: The classic top-down GTA game is now available as a freeware game by Rockstar.
  • DOSBox 0.74-3

    DOSBox Icon
    DOS emulator app: A free DOS emulation application that can play old DOS games made for DOS in real mode or protected mode.
  • Minetest 5.4.1

    Minetest Icon
    An impressive sandbox game that follows the steps of Minecraft with an open world and multiplayer capabilities.
  • VisualBoyAdvance-M 2.1.4

    VisualBoyAdvance-M Icon
    Gameboy emulator software: Improved version of VisualBoyAdvance that can emulate Game Boy Advance (GBA) titles or old school Game Boy ROM files.
  • ClrMamePro 4.041

    ClrMamePro Icon
    ROM manager app: A MAME ROM manager and ROM manipulation engine.
  • ZSNES 1.51

    ZSNES Icon
    Nintendo emulator software: A Super Nintendo (SNES) emulator with vast support for ROMs and controller options.
  • higan 115

    higan Icon
    Nintendo emulator app: A multi-system emulator which plays ROM files from the NES, SNES, Game Boy and other consoles (formerly called bsnes).
  • PES 2013 1.0

    PES 2013 Icon
    Demo of the hot game Pro Evolution Soccer 2013.
  • yuzu 1.8 (226)

    yuzu Icon
    Nintendo emulator switcher software: Experimental Nintendo Switch emulator for playing games on a PC.
  • Tetris 1.74

    Tetris Icon
    Tetris game widget app: A remake of the classic Tetris game.
  • Genymotion 3.2

    Genymotion Icon
    Android emulator app: Android emulator which supports phone and tablet simulation.
  • PCSX-Reloaded 1.9.94

    PCSX-Reloaded Icon
    Playstation emulator program: A Playstation emulator that can open PS ISO images and PS1 CDs.