Top 100 programs from sub-categories

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  • Stella 6.5.2

    Stella Icon
    Atari 2600 emulator software: A popular Atari 2600 emulator with ROM and joystick support.
  • RetroArch 1.9

    RetroArch Icon
    Frontend emulator software: Frontend for classic gaming like emulators or old PC games.
  • Nestopia 1.40

    Nestopia Icon
    NES emulator program: The most popular NES Nintendo emulator for Windows.
  • MAMEUI 2.23

    MAMEUI Icon
    Mame interface program: A front-end user interface for MAME, the multi-console emulator that supports retro gaming consoles and their ROMs.
  • WBFS Manager 3.0.1

    WBFS Manager Icon
    WBFS management software: Provides the ability to work with the Nintendo Wii filesystem.
  • Bsnes 106r44

    Bsnes Icon
    Nintendo emulator app: A fast Super Nintendo SNES emulator with debugging options.
  • WinDS PRO 2019.10.13

    WinDS PRO Icon
    Nintendo DS emulator software: A collection of modern and retro emulators for Windows which can play Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advanced ROMs.
  • FCEUX 2.3.0

    FCEUX Icon
    Nintendo emulator app: FCEUX: An NES emulator.
  • Project64

    Project64 Icon
    N64 emulator program: A high-performance Nintendo n64 emulator with hardware optimization and extensive plugin system.
  • Tank-O-Box 1.0

    Tank-O-Box Icon
    Tank-O-Box means little toy tanks battering in the box on your table. Use your wit and fast....
  • VICE 3.4

    VICE Icon
    Model emulator software: A freeware C64 emulator supporting software for C64, C128, VIC20, PET.
  • Gens 2.14

    Gens Icon
    Sega emulator app: Emulates Sega games/roms on Windows.