Internet Software

Top 100 programs from sub-categories

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  • Slimjet

    Slimjet Icon
    Internet browser software: Basic web browser that allows you to easily download content like music and videos in this Chromium-based release.
  • Olive 2.4.10

    Olive Icon
    Secure connection program: Software which enables circumvention of regional restrictions.
  • MediaGet 3.01.4212

    MediaGet Icon
    Torrent search program: Bit Torrent software that integrates online search engines to locate files.
  • Midori 1.1.4

    Midori Icon
    Internet browser program: A lightweight web browser which focuses on user privacy and blocking web advertisements.
  • Hotspot Shield 11.1.3

    Hotspot Shield Icon
    Hotspot protection app: Secure your wi-fi connection from hackers and watch region-restricted television while hiding your actual IP address and location.
  • Maxthon Browser

    Maxthon Browser Icon
    Website browser program: Fast Chromium-based web browser with private browsing, focus on security, download manager and support for mouse gestures.
  • Slimjet Portable

    Slimjet Portable Icon
    Internet browser software: A fast web browser built on Chromium that manages downloads, enables privacy and features a simple user interface.
  • Pale Moon Portable 31.1.0

    Pale Moon Portable Icon
    Internet browser program: Web browser with improved page loading speed which disables less-used features on the Firefox code.
  • Vivaldi 5.3.2679.61

    Vivaldi Icon
    Web browser software: Beautiful web browser with a slew of extra features on top of what's standard with multiple tabs and different tools for private browsing.
  • Pidgin 2.14.10

    Pidgin Icon
    Instant messenger program: An all-in-one instant messaging client.
  • Zoom Client for Meetings 5.11.0

    Zoom Client for Meetings Icon
    Shared meeting software: Windows desktop client for Zoom which supports video conferences, collaboration and multi-user meetings.
  • BriskBard 3.2.0

    BriskBard Icon
    Web browser app: Web browser with emails, newsgroups, IM client, FTP and more.
  • WhatsApp 2.2037.6

    WhatsApp Icon
    Instant messaging software: Access your WhatsApp chats, groups, images and audio from a desktop PC but without support for audio or video calling.
  • qBittorrent Portable

    qBittorrent Portable Icon
    BitTorrent client software: Impressively fast Bit Torrent client that supports a number of advanced features in a clean and straightforward interface.