Network Freeware

69 free and open source downloads for Windows

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  • The Dude 7.3.1

    The Dude Icon
    Network Monitoring: Network scanning software which maps network layouts and monitors services of connected devices.
  • OpenVPN GUI 2.5.7

    OpenVPN GUI Icon
    OpenVPN Controller: An interface which can configure and manage OpenVPN connections without the need for a command-line prompt or console window.
  • Speedify 12.1.0

    Speedify Icon
    Connection Speed Increaser: Provides the ability to use all available Internet connections for speed.
  • Netcut 3.0.186

    Netcut Icon
    Network Usage Diagnostics: Uses pure ARP to detect IP/MAC address, and control/change MAC and network usage.
  • NetSetMan 5.1.1

    NetSetMan Icon
    LAN Configuration: Network Settings Manager with 6 profiles for IPs, Gateways, DNS, Net Drives...
  • Connection Keeper 20.0

    Connection Keeper Icon
    Traffic Simulator: Prevents your internet connection from being dropped due to inactivity.
  • CoolTerm

    CoolTerm Icon
    Serial Port Terminal: Exchange text and other data between connected serial ports.
  • Net-SNMP 5.9.1

    Net-SNMP Icon
    SNMP Monitoring: A suite of tools for monitoring network equipment health using an SNMP implementation.
  • NetTraffic 1.66.2

    NetTraffic Icon
    Network Monitoring: A network and Internet traffic monitoring tool.
  • CurrPorts 2.65

    CurrPorts Icon
    Port Viewer: Displays the list of all currently opened TCP/UDP ports on your computer.
  • DhcpExplorer 1.4.9

    DhcpExplorer Icon
    Discover DHCP Server: DhcpExplorer allows you to discover DHCP servers on your local subnet or LAN.
  • IP Tools

    IP Tools Icon
    Port Scanner: A vast collection of TCP/IP tools with sniffers, password tools.
  • MIB Browser 2.12

    MIB Browser Icon
    MIB Compiler: MIB Browser displays the hierarchy of SNMP MIB variables, requests SNMP agents.
  • Ping Alert 5.6

    Ping Alert Icon
    Ping Sender: Able to ping one or multiple hosts (HTTP, SMTP) to check whether they're currently online and sends an email if a host is not responding or otherwise unreachable.
  • BlueLife Hosts Editor 1.3

    BlueLife Hosts Editor Icon
    Hosts Editor: An easy, streamlined way to editor your Windows HOSTS file allowing for both hosts file backup and restore.
  • IT Asset Tool 1.3.25

    IT Asset Tool Icon
    Hardware Inventory: Free network tool set for inventory management over a network.