Security Software

Top 100 programs from sub-categories

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  • Sandboxie Plus 1.1.3

    Sandboxie Plus Icon
    Isolation software: Execute and install Windows applications inside of a virtual sandbox, keeping them away from critical system files, registry entries and any type of system modification.
  • OpenPuff 4.01

    OpenPuff Icon
    Data encryptor program: A very useful steganography tool to obscure an encrypt data.
  • KeyLemon 4.0.3

    KeyLemon Icon
    Face recognition program: KeyLemon adds some bio-security to a PC by introducing facial recognition as an alternative way to login to Windows.
  • Zemana AntiLogger 6.01

    Zemana AntiLogger Icon
    Keylogger blocker software: Adds a little bit of extra protection to a PC against harmful and malicious applications with real-time protection that combats keyloggers.
  • CmosPwd 5.0

    CmosPwd Icon
    Helps you recover passwords embedded inside of your system BIOS.
  • Rising PC Doctor 7.0

    Rising PC Doctor Icon
    Scanner booter software: Rising PC Doctor, free professional personal computer security utility.
  • Screen Blur

    Screen Blur Icon
    Screen locker software: Free utility that locks the operating system with a password if you're away from the keyboard with a unique blurring effect.
  • gpg4win 4.0.2

    gpg4win Icon
    E-mail security app: Encrypts files, folders and email with digital signatures.
  • WinLock Professional 9.1.0

    WinLock Professional Icon
    Device locker software: PC locking program that protects the operating system with a password and prevents access to defined actions and commands.
  • HP SimplePass 8.01.46 Rev.A

    HP SimplePass Icon
    Secure access app: Driver and password manager for HP PCs, allowing use of fingerprint for logging on to Windows and online services by enabling the fingerprint scanner.
  • Unchecky 1.2

    Unchecky Icon
    Uncheck offer software: Helps users avoid many types of sneaky malware installations.