Security Software

Top 100 programs from sub-categories

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  • Firewall App Blocker 1.7

    Firewall App Blocker Icon
    Firewall blocker app: Quickly block any applications from accessing the Internet with firewall.
  • VeraCrypt 1.25.9

    VeraCrypt Icon
    Disk encryption software: Enhanced security algorithms for system and partitions encryption.
  • Password Depot 16.0.4

    Password Depot Icon
    Password management program: Advanced password manager with support for strong encryption, auto-completion and a master password for each database.
  • Kaspersky Antivirus

    Kaspersky Antivirus Icon
    Antivirus scanner program: Effective antivirus software that protects against all kinds of malware including trojans, viruses and rootkits.
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.3.3384.1000

    Symantec Endpoint Protection Icon
    Virus protection software: Powerful endpoint antivirus software application that may be used on computer systems to protect against a wide array of malware and other malicious software on laptops, virtual systems, desktops and even servers.
  • Sticky Password

    Sticky Password Icon
    Password management software: Intelligent password manager and form filler for web and usual programs.
  • Malwarebytes Chameleon

    Malwarebytes Chameleon Icon
    Malware remover program: Tool for running Malwarebytes Anti-malware incognito so malicious programs cannot disrupt it nor block Malwarebytes from scanning.
  • KeyLock 3.0.8 Beta

    KeyLock Icon
    Computer locker program: Locks and unlocks your PC based on a USB stick being inserted.
  • Folder Vault 3.0.1

    Folder Vault Icon
    Folder lock app: Allows users to hide, lock, encrypt and protect files and folders.
  • abylon READER

    abylon READER Icon
    File decryptor app: Free application that can decrypt and unpack SME files, create self-signed certs with quick access via the Windows Explorer shell.
  • ToolWiz Time Freeze 2017

    ToolWiz Time Freeze Icon
    Virtualizer software: Keeps a PC system running Windows protected by reverting to a previous state every time a reboot is performed, preventing junk build up and operating system changes.
  • TinyWall 3.2.5

    TinyWall Icon
    Whitelist connection software: Harden and control the firewall built into Windows with ease, without annoyance.
  • WinPatrol 35.5.2017.8

    WinPatrol Icon
    Spyware remover software: A small defensive system which helps protect against new viruses.